Hostile Environment Training (H.E.A.T)

In today’s business environment, employers must ensure that their key personnel and other senior management are able to operate in a safe and secure environment, both at home and abroad. To assist with realising your duty of care obligations our courses are designed to equip your employees and contractors with the skills set to operate with confidence in any hostile environment. Such an environment is defined as one in which the risks of loss of life, limb and liberty are high. Click here for more information.

Hijack Prevention Training

In South Africa the terrible reality is that we are all potential victims of hijacking. It is a horrifying reality we confront each day. We have dedicated many years of training to both private individuals and big corporations on achieving a confident mind-set and situational awareness behaviour. Our course provide step-by-step instruction on hijacker modus operandi, hijack prevention and survival techniques. For more information, click here.

Tactical Self-Defence Training

South Africa has one on the highest crime rates in the world. Rape and murder rates us as one of the most violent societies on earth. One day soon you may become part of these horrifying statistics. Are you prepared for a face off with a violent assailant? Learn how to defend yourself against attackers from our qualified instructors. Read more about this course, click here.

Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Training

Has your company experienced incidents involving negative interactions between your staff and aggrieved customers’ and their expectations?

SSC Equity Training (Pty) Ltd provides specialist training to management and staff to learn how to resolve situations of conflict professionally.
Read more about this course, click here.

SSC Equity Training is a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor with 26% black female ownership.

A further 26% is owned by the Child Survivors of Crime, an NPO whose purpose it is to support children whose lives have been affected by crime.
Here their lives are made a little easier by giving much needed support, equipping them with tools they need to cope with the challenges ahead.


SSC Legacy

Established in 1962 – SSC Legacy Group of Companies is South Africa’s oldest privately owned and managed Security, Corporate Investigations and training Consultancy. SSC’s highly experienced internal staff and wide network of established expert professional associates, industry contacts and contributors, offers professionally delivered, bespoke Business Intelligence/Investigations/Training and Security Solutions to clients in all sectors of the emerging markets on the continent of Africa and globally.

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SSC Security - private investigators

SSC Security Consultants

Security Service Consultants has been synonymous with trusted and reliable corporate investigation since 1962. We provide international expertise in all forms of corporate investigations both on the continent of Africa and globally. As an industry leader we provide end-to-end investigation solutions confidentiality.

SSC’s experienced staff and established network of legal & financial professional associates, industry contacts and contributors, offers professionally delivered, bespoke Business Intelligence & Security Solutions to our clients.

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Meerkat, was developed specifically for the security practitioner. It is not a generic product; it is a platform which enables the rapid development of a variety of unique bespoke security solutions such as investigations diaries, CCTV control room management and access control. Meerkat enables the creation of a personalized INTEGRATED KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM (IKP). The analytical data processing enables the client to identify and select key security features embedded in the information that can be used to mount effective and focused operations.

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