Hijack Prevention Training

SSC Equity Training (SSC) offers a Hijack Prevention Course that includes a theoretical presentation and practical exercises. This course will equip you with the knowledge to minimise the risk of being hijacked and the modus operandi of hijackers.

Some of the points covered on the course are:

  • Situational awareness
  • Vehicle Hijack avoidance
  • Vehicle Hijack survival
  • Summary & conclusion
  • Q & A session

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Sophisticated anti-theft technology has made it increasingly difficult to steal motor vehicles. As a result we are witnessing a dramatic increase of vehicle hijackings. To the unprepared driver who does not understand the concept of situational awareness the hijacker has the element of surprise and attack. We are dealing with specialised syndicates who run international multimillion $ operations. They are highly organised and very successful and well trained in the art of hijacking. The sad reality however is that the hijack victim is totally unprepared. Armed attacks of this nature are extremely intimidating and frequently end in tragedy. Understanding this hostile environment and the phsycology of the hijacker can only come from proper training.