Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T)

Survival techniques for the corporate traveler in Africa.

Africa is a continent in conflict. Although there are great business opportunities, many African countries are experiencing a reported number of incidents of sectarian violence, political unrest, social instability, armed conflict, corrupt law enforcement, terrorism and xenophobia. Even though an armed conflict may not yet have occurred or hostilities have ceased, there are still likely to be periods of unrest caused by local elements making use of an unstable situation. In many African countries, the risks to the personal security and safety of corporate travelers include organized crime, theft, assault and hostage taking.

It is well know that executives within some companies deploy close protection teams to shadow them when traveling to potentially hostile areas in Africa. This strategy, unfortunately, is rarely passed on to other key personnel conducting business on behalf of their companies. It is therefore imperative and much more cost effect to give your staff specific survival training to empower them with self-reliant skills.

SSC Training provides Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T.) courses to prepare your staff with the self-reliance and survival knowledge necessary to address risks and challenges inherent in operating in unfamiliar and hostile environments with confidence.

Our H.E.A.T. courses are structured programmes designed for staff that are visiting, living or working in areas of high insecurity or limited infrastructure.. Experience has shown that such training reduces the chances of a staff member (or their dependents) from becoming involved in a security incident. The training also mitigates the serious consequences and effects of such an incident and thereby demonstrates your duty of care responsibility.

Demonstrate your duty of care by booking a H.E.A.T. course today.