Personal Safety & Security Course

Be crime conscious, complete the SSC Equity Training Personal Safety & Security Course and know what to do.

Why you should book our Personal Safety & Security Course for yourself or your staff

Everyone knows of someone who has been a victim of crime in South Africa. Whether the victim of a mugging, hijacking, robbery or assault, all crime adversely affects us and our loved ones.

Unfortunately, you will continue to become a statistic of crime until you take personal responsibility for your own safety and security. Relying on others in law enforcement or private security companies is not enough.

Given a growing concern about rising levels of crime it is imperative that you recognise that in terms of your core values of transparency and integrity, you have a duty of care towards the safety and security of your staff.

Your staff may be protected in the workplace – but, what about when they leave the office or goes home?

To help them learn the practical skills they need to combat crime, we are offering an informative workshop about protecting your staff and their loved ones.

Course Overview

  • Types of threats
  • Situational awareness
  • Principles of survival
  • Principles in action
  • Criminal cycle
  • Avoid becoming a victim
  • Rape avoidance & survival
  • Kidnapping & Abduction
  • Vehicle Hijack avoidance
  • Vehicle Hijack survival
  • What to do during riots, protests & Xenophobic attacks
  • Summary & conclusion
  • Q & A session

SSC Equity Training South Africa trains company staff the proven and effective techniques used by intelligence agents, special forces and others to stay alive during any violent encounter.

Learn from the professionals and join us to learn how to think and behave differently about crime. Enquire now about our Personal Safety & Security Course.