Tactical Self-Defence Training

Ever considered just how vulnerable you are? At SSC Training we understand the need for self-defence. Learn from our qualified instructors how to defend yourself, contact us today to enquire about our courses.

Tactical self-defence Training offers you a great way to learn basic self-defence effectively quickly. The program is based around a variety of unarmed, knife and gun defence techniques. Perfect for the man/woman on the street with/without martial arts experience – we empower men and women of all ages.


Self-defence countermeasures ensures your health and well-being from harm. The use of physical force to counter an immediate threat of violence from the assailant depends on you mental and physical preparedness. Not only will we prepare you with physical techniques but also mental self-defence ability to get you into the proper mind-set. Without the mental preparedness and tenacity to execute the techniques you will not be able to perform under duress.


Avoiding dangerous situations and understanding situational awareness is the most important technique. Attackers will choose the victims they feel they have an advantage against.

Learn tactical self-defence skills with our 1-day Tactical Self-Defence Training:

  • Safety awareness
  • Identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations
  • Self-defence techniques

Who will benefit from Tactical Self-Defence Training?

  • Business travelers
  • Real Estate agents
  • Working professionals